Cosmetic tattoo removal without laser with SKINIAL removes any type and any color from the skin with one or a few treatments. The treatment causes no pain and leaves no scars. We work with a small micropigmentation device (not the strong rotary devices). The focus is on small and medium tattoos.      A thorough training  

1. Who is actually allowed to “laser” today and how did it come about?   Many have been predicting for years that the tattoo trend would soon peak, but the trend is still going strong. We are even seeing an acceleration with the new fashion of getting large tattoos. As constantly as the number of tattoos

Removal of lip contours

How to achieve perfect lip contour removal  Lip correction is not a difficult treatment with SKINIAL. It doesn’t take long either. Even more than with eyebrows, the predominantly female clients suffer a lot from their pigmentation.   Many pigmented lip contours change your appearance over time and make the whole mouth area look unattractive. You can

Background on why some believe tattoo removal without laser is allowed and some believe it is banned? Where do the rumours come from? The legal basis The situation in France The situation in Austria The situation in the rest of the EU and the rest of the world Positive outlook From time to time, one

  What happens if during laser treatment the tattoo ink is not transported into the lymph nodes or dark shadows are visible, is shown in this picture of the surface of the hand of a 30-year-old Bosnian.   Peter S. from Sarajevo was with the result after 15! laser treatments, but he had a strange feeling

Bereits eine einzige Behandlung (s.o.) führt zur erwünschten Aufhellung ohne sichtbare Wunden. (Foto direkt nach der Behandlung aufgenommen)

Already a single treatment (see above) leads to the desired brightening without visible wounds. (Photo taken right after treatment) No visible wounds! Great results after only a few days! Gentle removal. (Before After Picture: Already a single treatment (see above) leads to the desired lightening without visible wounds (photo taken directly after the treatment) EX