Some doctors fight doggedly against the natural, cosmetic methods of tattoo removal, while on the other hand concealing or glossing over the sometimes-dramatic side effects of laser removal treatments? One hears two arguments again and again:   Alternative tattoo removal methods (acids, …) cause scars   Alternative tattoo removal methods are prohibited   In the following, we investigate

Remove or correct eyebrows

There are many good reasons why one would like to lighten, correct, or remove the pigmented eyebrow. Sometimes mistakes or small “accidents” occur during pigmentation by the permanent make-up practitioner.   What are the reasons for colour changes in eyebrows? Colour changes    In many countries, the regulations for pigments have been tightened in recent years

The following excerpt from a current article on the topic of “tattoo removal” (7.2022) in the German magazine “joie” appears again and again in this or similar form in many other magazines and journals. If you do a little research, you will also understand why the reports are written so negatively.   Source: Magazine „jolie“ from

Cosmetic tattoo removal without laser with SKINIAL removes any type and any color from the skin with one or a few treatments. The treatment causes no pain and leaves no scars. We work with a small micropigmentation device (not the strong rotary devices). The focus is on small and medium tattoos.      A thorough training  

1. Who is actually allowed to “laser” today and how did it come about?   Many have been predicting for years that the tattoo trend would soon peak, but the trend is still going strong. We are even seeing an acceleration with the new fashion of getting large tattoos. As constantly as the number of tattoos

Background on why some believe tattoo removal without laser is allowed and some believe it is banned? Where do the rumours come from? The legal basis The situation in France The situation in Austria The situation in the rest of the EU and the rest of the world Positive outlook From time to time, one

  What happens if during laser treatment the tattoo ink is not transported into the lymph nodes or dark shadows are visible, is shown in this picture of the surface of the hand of a 30-year-old Bosnian.   Peter S. from Sarajevo was with the result after 15! laser treatments, but he had a strange feeling

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schonende Tattooentfernung ohne Laser

SKINIAL Article on

Currently in the blog of ProntoPro there is an interview to read in which CEO Klaus Böde was allowed to tell of the SKINIAL method. Thanks for the release! (article in german language): CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE

Milchsäure ist die am weitesten verbreitete Säure in der Natur. In der Form von Lactat ist es für den menschlichen Organismus ein normaler Bestandteil und wichtiges Zwischenprodukt im Stoffwechsel, zum Beispiel als Produkt beim Abbau von Zucker durch die Milchsäuregärung.