Adventurous rumors keep circulating about this. We are in contact with the authorities in all the countries mentioned and explain the partly different points of view.   Unlike medical products, cosmetic

While many doctors warn about scars from cosmetic tattoo removal, at the same time they inform their patients about possible severe scarring from laser removal in the small print.  One

Scars due to laser removal

This topic is hushed up by the press because the doctors’ lobby threatens to withdraw advertisements. We report on our clients’ experiences with lasers.   Several doctors have confirmed to us

How tattoo removal can cause scars

This topic is often instrumentalized. Therefore, we explain the scientific-medical basics in simple terms.   The laser method works with strong radiation and the cosmetic method with mechanical skin treatment. Both

Anyone who experiences side effects and discomfort after a tattoo removal is understandably very disappointed. You ask yourself “why did this happen to me”, who is to blame and what

The following excerpt from a current article on the topic of “tattoo removal” (7.2022) in the German magazine “joie” appears again and again in this or similar form in many

Cosmetic tattoo removal without laser with SKINIAL removes any type and any color from the skin with one or a few treatments. The treatment causes no pain and leaves no

1. Who is actually allowed to “laser” today and how did it come about?   Many have been predicting for years that the tattoo trend would soon peak, but the trend

Background on why some believe tattoo removal without laser is allowed and some believe it is banned? Where do the rumours come from? The legal basis The situation in France

  What happens if during laser treatment the tattoo ink is not transported into the lymph nodes or dark shadows are visible, is shown in this picture of the surface