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Can tattoos be removed without scarring

Key messages from Skinial

1. Any tattooing process leaves scars. Many are visible to the naked eye and can be felt by touch, others can only be seen under the microscope.

2. No reliable tattoo removal can be carried out without mechanical or high-energy damage to (traumatisation of) the skin.

3. Whether visible scarring occurs depends on many factors. Crucial factors include

– Follow-up care for the location that has been treated

– The person’s general health

– The ability of the skin to regenerate

– The resilience of the immune system

– The hereditary characteristics of the skin

4. In the case of people with light skin or a tendency to have visible scars, there is a greater risk of scars remaining visible following the treatment. People with a predisposition to very good healing of skin injuries will have very little, if any, scarring.

Conclusion: Anyone who wishes to totally exclude the possibility of scarring must refrain from having a tattoo removed, or should preferably avoid getting a tattoo in the first place.