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Basics + Fading method

The content

You will be taught the basics of tattoo removal online, as well as the FADING method and its possible applications.   

For tattoo removal without laser, specific knowledge and basics of anatomy, histology, dermatology, and immunology are essential. After all, you are working with human skin, about which you need to know well, as well as about wound healing, but also about the legal basis of this activity, the composition of pigment colors, the different removal methods that exist worldwide and about questions of safety for your clients and finally for yourself.   

The FADING method (lightening) is an easy-to-learn, very gentle and therefore safe method, with a very low risk of unwanted side effects. Pigmentation can also be completely removed. The decisive factor is the pigment density in the skin. Minor pigmentations (shadows, slight color changes, ...) can be partially removed by a single treatment. Pigmentations with a lot of color and most body tattoos need several treatments.   

FAding of PMU made with one FADING treatment

Fading of a tattoo part made with one FADING treatment

The objective

The training will enable you to lighten, remove and correct body tattoos, PMU (eyebrows and lips) or microblading. The technique is particularly well suited for treating areas.   

The FADING training is the ideal introduction to the topic of tattoo removal without lasers for people from all sectors, including lateral entrants who want to work commercially. Tattoo artists can lighten cover-ups without affecting the skin. Permanent make-up artists quickly and easily correct light and medium pigmentation of eyebrows and lips.   

With little effort, it is possible to build a profitable business, expand your existing services and enter the booming tattoo removal market.    

Costs and duration

The FADING training costs 595 including a starter kit, which will be sent to you automatically. You can start immediately after paying the training fee. On average, the training, which you can interrupt at any time, lasts 10-12 hours. You have 20 weeks to complete the training. Practical treatment on a client is not planned or required during the training. After a successful final exam, you will receive a certificate and all further EXRAS (see below).  

  • All you need is internet access, an iPad or PC. A mobile phone is not suitable due to the small screen.  
  • Don't be afraid of online training! Due to the intuitive menu navigation, even people who have had no experience with it so far can cope well with it.  
  • You will only need a removal device after the training, but before treating clients. You can find suitable removal devices in our SKINIAL online shop.   
  • The FADING technique is one of the safest treatments in the world and produces surprisingly good results.  
  • After just a few days, there is usually nothing left to see from the treatment.  
  • Anyone can learn this technique and thus begin to remove tattoos without a laser.  
  • In practice, scars are extremely unlikely.  
  • Our consent form means safety for you and your clients.

STARTER KIT - (1 bottle EX 3, 4 SCAR CARE CREAM flacons, 1 bottle MEDICLEAN) value 159 159 will be sent to you. It is sufficient for 5 - 10 client treatments.  

CERTIFICATE - "BASIC + FADING METHODE" certificate with your name on it. 

DISCOUNTS - you will receive a voucher for 200 € and a one-time reduction of 20% for your first purchase.  

UPDATES - you will receive updates of your training and future changes free of charge.  

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY - you get access to the closed user group in FACEBOOK, where all SKINIAL studios worldwide can exchange information and ask questions confidentially.   

SERVICE PORTAL - exclusive access to manuals, before and after pictures gallery, forms, technical literature, studies and much more.  

Customer enquiries - you can present your studio on our website and receive enquiries with photo from new customers in your catchment area.   












      1. Introduction  
      2. Legal basis  
      3. Removal and care products   
      4. Structure and function of the skin   
      5. Pigment colors  
      6. Wound healing  
      7. Safety    
      8. Removal methods   
      9. The SKINIAL CONCEPT   
      10. Client information - anamnesis - declaration of consent   
      11. The FADING method 
      12. BEST PRACTICE   
      13. Final test