Newsletter June 2020

NEW SERVICE: Read this newsletter in your language. Use the google language selector on top of this page. Dear Amy, „Never  waste  a  good  crisis“ Winston Churchill is said to have said “Never waste a good crisis”. The idea behind this is that crises can always act as a catalyst and that in difficult times, reforms can be

Newsletter of 11 may 2020

    View this email in your browser       Dear *|FNAME|*, We have taken a break inthe last five weeks with our NEWS. We only posted the CORONA-PROMOTION of -25% on FACEBOOK PROFESSIONAL. Did you even notice that? Probably most of them were rather busy with the management of the crisis and with the endless Corona news. This crisis was and still is

Newsletter of 5th February 2020

    View this email in your browser Dear *|FNAME|*, we change two terms: INTRANET” becomes “SERVICE-PORTAL” because many people can’t understand the artificial word “Intranet”. NEWSLETTER” becomes “TATTOO-REMOVAL NEWS” because the word NEWSLETTER unfortunately ends up in SPAM all too often. FADING MANUAL available From now on you can read a summary of the most

  What happens if during laser treatment the tattoo ink is not transported into the lymph nodes or dark shadows are visible, is shown in this picture of the surface of the hand of a 30-year-old Bosnian.   Peter S. from Sarajevo was with the result after 15! laser treatments, but he had a strange feeling

Newsletter of 31st January 2020

    View this email in your browser       Dear *|FNAME|*, 2020 will see SKINIAL‘s breakthrough as a provider of digital tattoo removal services. We are now offering our new technology FAD’IT-SAFE with the FADING EX product with online training worldwide, regardless of trainers or a master organization. For SKINIAL, this is an

Newsletter of 20th december 2019

    View this email in your browser  Dear *|FNAME|*, Did you like the INTRANET and the BLOG that we presented in the last newsletter? For us it was a big step and a lot of work in detail. We’ll be adding more content in the coming months. 2019 was a great year for SKINIAL. We have continued to

Newsletter of 30 November

  View this email in your browser Dear *|FNAME|*, We hope you enjoyed the previous four newsletters. We would be pleased about praise and criticism. We are now changing the frequency of appearances to monthly rather than fortnightly, as good information and innovation take time. After all, we want to keep you informed and not

You speak french? Read the article about SKINIAL on the french magazine “BEAUTY FORUM”: CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE 

Tattoo entfernen Laser

Myth Laser: unmasked and dethroned

Not only footballers, singers and TV stars, but colorfully decorated arms, ornate with ornate calves, tigers, dragons, roses and characters on different areas of the skin or completely tattooed backs are widely used. Even in the general population tattoos are increasing and have been at a peak for years. For example, 15% of Germans already

Newsletter of 26th september

      View this email in your browser Dear Wendy, Today’s newsletter is exclusively about YOU! Is the information about your studiostill up to date on our SKINIAL page? Are you already a member of the official Facebook “SKINIAL Professionals” group? Do you know where to order all SKINIAL products? Please check the following three important points and